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We want to promote sustainable agriculture which is an environmentally friendly way of producing food in long term. Our organic and natural methods of growing crops can help to maintain soil fertility.

We use ethical and renewable practices to produce food in a way that is respectful of people, land, animals, and biodiversity.

We aim to meet the food and economic needs of our partners while preserving our planet for next generations.


Krous Village, Siem Reap, Krong Siem Reap, 17000


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In order to guarantee a sustainable balance between our producers, customers and enterprises around a territorial vision respectful of the environment, we will offer and develop personalized technical and economic support for our producers.

For our customers, we will provide the highest quality, fresh and processed healthy agriproducts.

To boost the economic activity of the territories with our associated groups, we will strengthen the skills of our collaborators and protect health and safety at work.

Our ambition is clear, and our conviction is solid. Sustainable agriculture is an opportunity for our business to drive innovation, engage in fair and long-term business practices and create brand value for our customers.

Core Value

“Healthy Choice Safety Food” is our slogan. We believe that in order to fight against climate change, we must rely on local resources. Buying from local farmers will support the local economy.

We can reduce reliance on fossil energy, conserve natural resources and create sustainable living.

We provide quality fresh and processed products that meet or exceed customer expectations and ensure repeat business growth of our members.

We are here to stay with you and comply with integrity, the essence of our business.